Carlalberta Verna, Basel


Carlalberta Verna is Professor and Chair at the Department of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry at the University Centre for Dental Medicine in Basel (UZB), Switzerland since 2013. She obtained her dental degree from the University of Ferrara, Italy, where she completed her doctoral thesis in 1989. She completed a Ph.D. at the University of Florence, Italy in 1996, in collaboration with the institute of Anatomy of the University of Modena. She continued her research activities at the Department of Orthodontics and at the Institute of Pathology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, where she completed, in 1999, a second Ph.D. She received her orthodontic training under Professor Birte Melsen at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. From 2002 to 2012 she served as an Associate Professor in Orthodontics at the same University, where she is still attached as visiting Professor. Her research focus is on bone turnover in the craniofacial region, bone modelling and remodelling during orthodontic tooth movement under physiological and pathological conditions, and 3 dimensional analysis of orthodontic and orthopaedic treatment. Her clinical focus is on the treatment of patients affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, of asymmetries, and on the use of rational biomechanics. Professor Verna is author or co-author of several peer reviewed publications that have been rewarded at international levels. She is full member of the Angle Society East Component, and she is in the editorial board or reviewer for international scientific journals.