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Being the first systemized source of clinical evidence on the topic, the symposium introduces the participant to the orthodontic-periodontal interactions in everyday clinical practice, by considering the periodontal considerations of the orthodontic patient, and the contribution of orthodontic treatment to the periodontally-compromised dentition.

Within the scope of these two basic axes, a wide variety of topics are analyzed, such as recessions and grafting and surgical management of the recessions, corticotomy in orthodontic routine, orthodontically-induced stresses in the periodontium, orthodontic treatment in advanced periodontitis, biomechanics for the periodontic patient and a review of the evidence for the ortho-perio interactions. In addition, a section covers fundamentals of oral physiology with regard to the topic, with presentations on attachment of microbial to surfaces, epidemiology of the periodontal disease and pellicle organization-plaque accumulation on materials.

The analysis of the evidence on the topic along with the illustrated case material, assist the participant in formulating principles of management of the entire spectrum of challenges encountered in adult orthodontics and interdisciplinary treatment.

Saturday 29 February 2020


Zurich, Switzerland

Orthodontic Symposia

Aspects of orthodontic management of periodontally-compromised cases are scarcely offered in orthodontic programs, whereas most periodontology programs include aspects of adjunctive orthodontic therapy within the context periodontal treatment in their curricula. The notable lack of a systematic and thorough basic/applied analysis of the topic is addressed by the content of the symposium, which combines the evidence-based approach with extensive clinical treatise of the subject.

The evidence provided in the symposium and the case series, which portray the adjunct role of each specialty in the treatment planning of patients with periodontal or orthodontic needs, furnishes important theoretical and clinical information as well as practical guidelines, which result in the improvement of the quality of the outcome of therapeutic protocols involving ortho-perio interventions

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