Debonding in Orthodontics

Debonding and Fixed Retainer Bonding in Orthodontics reviews the protocols, materials and techniques, as well as the evidence relating to the removal of appliances, the clean-up of the enamel, and ensuring that the results will be retained, all of which are important stages after the completion of the orthodontic therapy.

Including the most recent guidelines and evidence in this field, this new text summarises the side effects of the procedures on hard and soft dental tissues, lists a series of tips to avoid potential unfavourable sequelae, and provides detailed information on existing methods to bond lingual fixed retainers and their clinical implications.

Written for orthodontic specialists and postgraduate dental students who are looking to build their knowledge on these two stages of orthodontic therapy, Debonding and Fixed Retainer Bonding in Orthodontics is an essential resource to securing the retention of the orthodontic treatment result.

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